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Small Business Saturday

By Kevin Chu, Analyst at the Marchex Institute and Leslie Ihnot, Product Marketing Manager, Local Leads  Small businesses are core to us at Marchex. We support hundreds of thousands of SMBs by placing ads online and on mobile that get

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5 Ways to Celebrate Technology This Halloween

By Lauren Walker, Associate Social Media Specialist Technology is creeping and crawling into almost every area of our lives, including the holidays. Nearly 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities this year, and 32.9% of them will use the

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Call DNA: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Calls

By Jason Flaks, Principal Program Manager This month we announced Call DNA, a new technology aimed at solving two challenges: First, what determines a high quality call? And second, once we know what high quality calls look like, how can we drive

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Call DNA & Dynamic Tracking

By Tim Graber, Senior Director, Product & Engineering At Marchex, first and foremost we are focused on our customers. Part of my job is to dig into customer needs, and find pain points or missing pieces, so that we can

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Today we gave a facelift

By Alison Dreiblatt, Director, Marketing Anyone who has ever run a web project knows they are a huge amount of work, and typically a big pain in the butt. So I find myself asking why we seem to want to

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Truth in Systems; A Marchex Engineer Explores the Meaning of Seeking Out and Solving Problems

Chris Nandor, Principal Software Engineer At Marchex, technology is our core. It’s foundational to everything we do, from driving phone calls to advertisers to understanding, deeply, why an ad campaign does – or doesn’t – work. One of the most

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Marchex Cracks The Code: How We Solved a Big Challenge in Holding a Company Hackathon – and Got Our Winners on the Evening News

By Ted Bardusch, Vice President, Technology and Operations For the last two years at Marchex, we’ve held an event called Hack Days. This internal hackathon gets the creative juices flowing and helps push us beyond our own self-perceived limitations. As

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