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Is Seth Godin’s Advice Good For Call Centers?

By John Busby, SVP of the Marchex Institute  Last week, best-selling author and blogger Seth Godin wrote about the importance to brands of getting the call center experience right, and provided a handful of suggestions. The Marchex Institute has analyzed more

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Can’t Corporations and Their Local Branches All Just Get Along?

Marchex released a new report yesterday looking at how national brands with local branches can measurably boost customer acquisition in their local markets. John Busby, our SVP of the Marchex Institute and resident Data Guy, talks about it more in

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What the — ? Marchex Data on Cursing Goes Viral

By John Busby, Senior Vice President, Marchex Institute Holy #&*) – Since we released our study of cursing and courtesies on Wednesday, the response has been overwhelming. People are talking about it from here to the UK. We love all the great questions

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Mobile Ads and Phone Calls — The Auto Industry’s Holy Grail

There aren’t many items we spend more time with today than our mobile phones and our cars.  We no longer just make phone calls and text from behind the wheel — which, ahem, we need to do less of —

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Google’s Enhanced Campaigns Require Desktop Traffic. What Does This Mean for Marketers?

Google has announced the release of “enhanced campaigns” in its AdWords interface which adds some nifty features such as bidding by location, enhanced site links and integrated app download reporting. The most controversial change, however, is also its largest. AdWords

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Make Mobile Perform: What’s the Real Cost of Mobile Display? A New Marchex Institute Paper

We released a paper yesterday that took a penetrating look at the value of mobile display advertising. Keep in mind, this value was calculated only for those advertisers who want DIRECT outcomes from banner ads. That means we focused on advertisers hoping

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Election Spam Bonanza – 1.5 Billion Phone Calls Placed to Americans by Dems & Reps

The telephone has long been used to influence voters and raise money. With the election just days away, automated spammers are hitting overdrive, hassling voters on their phones in droves to influence them or solicit donations. The Marchex Institute started

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