Multi-Screen Marketing

By Chen Zhao, Principal Analyst & Senior Manager

The multi-screen, multi-device world is not only changing what “customer experience” means, but also making the job of marketing managers more challenging.  It is increasingly important for businesses, large or small, to use data and analytics to provide better customer experience across various marketing channels and ultimately tie channel investment to actual business outcomes.

Today, November 6th, the Digital Analytics Association will be hosting its 2013 Symposium at the Microsoft conference center in Redmond WA.  This year, the symposium’s theme is “Creating Great Customer Experience With Analytics.”

Since I am representing Marchex on the “Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics” panel, I have the opportunity to share my points of view with fellow panelists from leading marketing and technology companies.  What I am hearing in the pre-symposium discussions is a consensus on the challenges around providing the right experience on different devices, and around measuring ROI.  Luckily, I know just the company and products (wink, wink) that can help address these challenges (Marchex!)

Should conversions be defined differently for different devices/channel interactions to optimize the customer experience? 

Increasingly, advertisers are realizing that when customers are using a smart phone, they want to, well, use it as a phone and make a call.  While consumers are more likely to browse and research on desktop and tablets, they often prefer to call a business rather than visit a website when they are searching on their smart phone.  Google Adwords rolled out “Click-to-call” on mobile search precisely for that reason.

One of Marchex’s clients, Cobalt, designs mobile websites for auto dealers with a call button featured prominently.  The example below (from Cobalt’s website) describes how Cobalt sees the scenario of consumers using mobile phones.

chen blog

Beyond customer experience, many advertisers themselves want phone calls because their business models rely on phone calls.  Nate Smith from Adobe gave an example of their client Enterprise Rent-a-Car, who wanted phone calls.  Phil Gross from Visual IQ said that their clients in the insurance vertical believed that “actual conversions happen with agents and call centers.”

The next most frequently asked question from advertisers is “What tools and solutions are available for marketers to measure and prioritize channel investments?”

The frustration expressed by the panelists is generally around lack of adequate measurement to help advertisers decide which channel converts customers better, in order to optimize media channel investments.  In particular, linking online marketing investment to offline conversion is an area of interest for a lot of advertisers.

Marchex is way ahead of the curve.  We do three things that help advertisers address these challenges for multi-channel advertisers:

  1. We deliver phone calls for marketing campaigns on mobile phones.
  2. We measure conversions in terms of phone calls and tie offline conversions to back to the online (or offline) media channels.
  3. We use Call DNA to go one step beyond phone calls and measure the quality of phone calls.

In fact, our recently published case study on Call DNA illustrated exactly how we generated channel performance insights for advertisers. You can find this case study on the Marchex Institute page.

I am looking forward to sharing our experience and knowledge, and having a lively discussion with other technology leaders in the multi-channel marketing measurement space – Adobe, Visual IQ, Adometry, BrightEdge and Microsoft.

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Marchex is a mobile advertising technology company. We provide a suite of products for businesses that depend on consumer phone calls to drive sales. Our mobile advertising platform delivers new customer phone calls to businesses, while our technology analyzes the data in these calls to improve ad campaign results.

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