Marchex Gears Up for Google Enhanced Campaigns


By Cody Kunning, Head of Search Engine Marketing at Marchex 

I’ll just come out and say it: The announcement of Google Enhanced Campaigns back in February threw me for a loop. Those of us in digital advertising knew we were in for some big, seismic shifts. We had a lot of questions. We faced a lot of uncertainty. The world of online advertising as we knew it was about to change.

But as the head of SEM at Marchex, I realized quickly I needed to be proactive. I had to get creative and continue to deliver the advertising performance my customers demand and expect of us at Marchex.  My team and I immediately got to work.

What happened in the past four months is what I now call a grand experiment in discovery. My team has been running tests on hundreds of campaigns, actively using different approaches. We worked with our partners at Google to revise our approach and our technology teams modified our systems.We discovered new and surprising ways to maximize performance on both desktop and mobile search.

To learn more about what my team has uncovered, please join Marchex and BIA/Kelsey for a webinar on June 11th at 10 am PDT. We will review tips for maximizing your performance in the new world of enhanced campaigns.  Register here.

A few highlights of what’s to come:

  • Test, test and retest. Start migrating campaigns early, and expect fluctuations as more and more advertisers enter the market.
  • Get creative about how performance dictates your analytics and campaign budgets. Use multiple forms of lead tracking and set yourself up to understand actual ROI from search.
  • Invest in tools to improve your results. If calls are an outcome that you obtain from search, ensure you are using leading technology to track and allocate results.
  • If calls are an outcome that you obtain from search, invest in leading call technology tools to track, analyze and improve your return on ad spend. With Enhanced Campaigns, calls are becoming increasingly more valuable and accessible to track. This is a feature that Google truly has “Enhanced.”

Sometimes, the world shifts and we must shift with it. Certainly, there will be much to learn about Enhanced Campaigns in the coming months. And we at Marchex will be right there on the front lines, using everything at our disposal to do what we do best – making our customers’ ad campaigns perform.



–Cody Kunning

Marchex is a mobile advertising technology company. We provide a suite of products for businesses that depend on consumer phone calls to drive sales. Our mobile advertising platform delivers new customer phone calls to businesses, while our technology analyzes the data in these calls to improve ad campaign results.

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