Marchex’s new solution for national advertisers with a local presence

ziad profileToday’s post comes courtesy of our SVP of Product, Ziad Ismail, who’s excited to talk about Marchex’s solution announced yesterday that  targets national brands with a local presence.

We know. It’s a mouthful of a descriptor. So we’ve taken to calling these particular brands “National Local.” What’s that mean? Think of an insurance company with local agents or an auto manufacturer with regional dealerships. These businesses engage in complex transactions and rely on phone calls. And right now, these brands face myriad challenges when it comes to creating cohesive marketing strategies at both the national and local level.

Here’s Ziad’s take:

Last week, I had a fascinating conversation in Olympia with a small business owner affiliated with a national brand. I’ll call her Cynthia. (For privacy reasons, we can’t state her real name or details about her business.) She was successful by all accounts, and eager to talk about how she could grow her business.

Two things really stood during our meeting. First, she faced a typical small business challenge: How can I acquire new customers? She had measured an array of sources for customer acquisition and was armed with an impressive depth of knowledge. In one instance, she bought email leads with phone numbers, but eight times out of ten, she said, she couldn’t even get anyone on the phone.

Second, she faced the extra challenge – or opportunity, as we see it – of being affiliated with a major national brand. Cynthia worried about internal competition. If others working for the same national brand in nearby locations adopted similar marketing programs, how would that impact her business?

Such National Local businesses are up against unique complexities these days as they think about how to market and grow across mobile and other digital channels.

They want to be innovative while staying compliant with brand guidelines. They want to grow through high-quality leads and referrals, but instead are constantly pitched solutions to generate clicks, likes, or shared leads. They face competition in the market not only from other brands, but from other locations with the same brand. According to BIA/Kelsey, National-Local advertisers spent $45.2 billion dollars in local media advertising each year.

Over the past year, we have been working closely with these brands to understand their needs and create a different solution.

We announced the launch of this solution yesterday. Our initial customer data show we’ve been able to boost campaign performance by 30%.

It’s exciting to be on the forefront of an emerging market. But the most exciting part is being able to come back to a customer like Cynthia and find out how Marchex helped solve her problems.

Marchex is a mobile advertising technology company. We provide a suite of products for businesses that depend on consumer phone calls to drive sales. Our mobile advertising platform delivers new customer phone calls to businesses, while our technology analyzes the data in these calls to improve ad campaign results.

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