Toy Stores Headline Top Businesses Receiving Pre-Easter Phone Calls

post_4_11_12_toys_mainLast week was one of the busiest of the year for me, buying toys for the Easter baskets, finalizing details for spring break with my family and enjoying the start of the baseball season. Many other consumers seem to have had the same set of priorities.

Leading up to Easter weekend, Toy Stores had the largest week-over-week gain in phone calls.

In a Marchex Institute study of 114 business categories using Marchex Call Analytics, the following categories received the highest percentage of week-over-week phone calls (comparing April 1st – 7th to March 25th – 31st):

  1. Toy Stores, Model and Hobby Shops
  2. Sports Stores
  3. Travel Agencies
  4. Bus Lines
  5. Fabric Shops
  6. Tourism
  7. Automobile Parts
  8. Churches
  9. Funeral Services
  10. Restaurants

John Busby leads the Marchex Institute, a research and analytics team that publishes findings on mobile advertising and the growing digital call advertising industry. The Marchex Institute also provides custom research and consulting services for customers on their mobile and call-ready advertising campaigns. Previously, Mr. Busby served as Vice President, Product Engineering at Marchex. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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