Regional Differences in Call Advertising

At the Marchex Institute, we often find opportunities for optimizing national campaigns based on regional differences.  In pest control, consumer requests for “bed bugs” are concentrated in different locations than “spiders” or “termites”.  In self-storage, consumers are less inclined to identify climate-controlled units as their primary concern when calling from a mild climate.

In the cable & satellite TV markets there are state-by-state differences in advertising regulations, competition and population density that can produce major differences in conversion rate. Consider data from this national operator on the conversion rate of inbound sales calls by state. (Data from spring, 2011 for ~2,500 calls.)

This data provides us the opportunity to reallocate budgets, develop cost-per-activation metrics by state, or change messaging based on the incoming caller ID.  In fact, the content of your phone calls can be one of the best leading indicators for your business and allow you to tailor your advertising campaigns.

To discuss how this is applicable to your business, feel free to reach out to or give us a call at 1-800-840-1012.

John Busby
VP, Marchex Institute

John Busby leads the Marchex Institute, a research and analytics team that publishes findings on mobile advertising and the growing digital call advertising industry. The Marchex Institute also provides custom research and consulting services for customers on their mobile and call-ready advertising campaigns. Previously, Mr. Busby served as Vice President, Product Engineering at Marchex. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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